We are a Partner, not an Asset Manager.
We offer products in which we invest.

About us

Tomasz Piwoński, CEO

Solution Partners

Your Partner in Investments
The main activity of our company is in our own investments. We invest in the products and projects that we offer, which makes us a partner of your investments. Thanks to an extensive amount of contacts we have access to niche investment opportunities in unregulated markets as well as private equity. We also enable selected partners to join those who are earning money on regulated markets through targeted investments.


Dawid Kustra
Head of the Department of Foreign Markets at IDM S.A.

Being impressed by the investment performance of Tomasz Piwoński at our brokerage house, I have proposed to him my cooperation in toward building Asset Management at the Department of Foreign Markets.

Dymitr Glouchtchenko
CEO of CUBE INVESTMENTS, founder and owner of Kwejk.pl, Man of the Year 2012 in the Polish Internet

We have been investing together for two years and were able to reach a stable and very high rate of return. Most importantly, the results of Solution Partners are independent of the global economy. Tomasz has a rare gift of searching and using all market inefficiencies.